The Avengers teach Bucky about technology - part one

I think toasters existed when Bucky was Bucky?

Yeah, they were definitely around before the 1940s, but I did not realize that until AFTER I drew the thing.
…and I really liked the idea of Bucky sticking his metal arm down a toaster and having it explode in his face, so I kept it :P




Avengers Deleted Scene

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Anonymous asked you: All the avengers dressed up in the same superhero costume at a Halloween party!

we’re not a tea we’re a time bomb

ticking down to a wardrobe disaster

Thor looks so pleased!

This is why they need to coordinate better…

I love how Black Widow looks, like ‘You guys could’ve at least TOLD ME…’

This is the last time she agrees to do a group costume effort with these dorks…

The scene with Black Widow yelling to people to get out of the way as Winter Soldier follows her through the streets really made me think that. I know everyone complained about the loss of life in Man of Steel and here was the non-superpowered Natasha actively trying to get people out of the way of the big bad. The audience expects that of Captain America but even the most morally dubious good guy is more thoughtful than Superman was in MOS

From ONTD. I think this speaks volumes about how I feel about the DCU at the moment.  (via 1critic)

YES.  The thing is, it doesn’t take much to change the tone of that sort of thing.  I’ve seen people point out that Avengers destroyed large chunks of NYC (including my office building) and no one complains about that, but that’s because the filmmakers took time to show Steve coordinating crowd control.  MOS's Superman didn't even try.

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Can I just say that one of my very favorite parts of Winter Soldier was Nick Fury cocking an eyebrow at the police officers side-eyeing his expensive vehicle and sneering, “You wanna see my lease?”

Because the idea of Nick Motherfucking Fury having to deal with shit as disgusting and petty as racial profiling is sort of painfully realistic and heartbreaking.  He’s hugely, massively powerful, and he’s sitting in his bulletproof car pondering decisions of worldwide import, but also he gets pulled over sometimes and asked for his registration because the police assume he stole it.  

Ack.  I was just so pleased that they included that line.

yeah the import of that really struck me the second time I watched the movie.

The driving while black bit was one of my favorite parts.

Yeah, this really struck me the second time when I wasn’t just sitting there terrified his car would blow up at any moment. It really makes you think of all the shit he had to go through to get where he is today and still the police give him the side eye when he drives up in an expensive car. Also, obviously we find out later they’re HYDRA agents but the car chase scene is literally a bunch of white guys in police uniforms shooting at a single black man and it’s an image we’ve seen a million times (on the news, in the movies, even on Agents of Shield with Mike Peterson) only this time the police are the bad guys and we’re rooting for Nick. I just thought, especially in the context of scene preceding it where it’s made clear that Nick’s had to deal with racism and profiling that it was a interesting choice to make HYDRA the police.

Or as he’s driving through the city with all these people disguised as cops chasing him and shooting at him and knowing that nobody would even think that he might be innocent and in need of help.

That last comment was my thought too, while I was watching that scene. Nobody’s going to help him. Nobody’s going to think that maybe something’s wrong with this picture even though there are like a billion cops with bazookas and explosives and shit chasing one single black buy in an SUV. Nobody’s going to think outside that one narrative.

One might point out that while these specific white cops were HYDRA agents rather than racists (unless they were also racists), the way Nick says it implies this wouldn’t be the first time.


HYDRA comes from Nazis. I don’t know you get HYDRA as NOT being racists. From the side-eye the cops give, to what’s his face calling Sam ‘boy’, to the general disregard of Natasha as a woman, despite knowing what she is/her training - like?

But yeah, Fury does say it like it’s not at all the first time.

Like seriously there was someone who leapt to defend Hydra.

"These specific white men were Nazis rather than racists."

Not all Nazis!

Seriously, guys. There is no way to defend HYDRA or members thereof.